Welcome to northshots

Northshots is a stock image licensing business operated by Scottish-based nature photographer Peter Cairns. Northshots licenses high quality imagery and image/text features to a variety of end users including book and magazine publishers, multi-media initiatives and interpretation projects. Coverage includes wildlife and landscapes from Scotland and northern Europe, nature-based tourism, land management regimes and human-wildlife interactions.
With wildlife and land management now firmly camped in the realm of mainstream politics, there is a growing realization that current conservation initiatives, diluted as they are by divisive single interest agendas, are insufficient to bridge the gap between our economic aspirations and the ability of the planet to provide over the longer term.
Against the backdrop of this changing socio-political climate, our images endeavour to challenge entrenched thought processes and explore more imaginative ways of reconciling our alienated relationship with the natural world.
┬ęPeter Cairns 2005 – 2007