Things To Know

Our Photo Tours

We offer a wide variety of photo tours and workshops throughout the Scottish highlands and to selected locations overseas. Catering for both wildlife and landscape photographers, we combine serious photography with serious fun. If you enjoy spending time in wild places, photographing wildlife or landscapes at the best time of day or in the best season, and having all the logistical worries taken care of, then you should perhaps think about joining us.

Our Guests

It's fair to say that we take our photography seriously so whilst you don't have to have 20 years of experience, we would suggest a basic command of your equipment.  Beyond that, we simply ask that you come with an open mind and a passion for nature photography.  New guests can be apprehensive about joining what they perceive as a clique and we offer just one bit of advice for this: don't be.

Our Approach

Our photo tours are all about getting into the field and securing great images.  Of course we offer tuition where it is wanted but our priority is to spend time in our chosen location exploring each situation to the full. Our Masterclass workshops are more of a learning experience but still involve lots of hands-on photography. We work hard but when the day is done, it's important to relax, enjoy a good meal and discuss the evolution of the universe...or the Beckham's marriage...or occasionally, nature photography. 


Our guides are there to help. If you're an experienced photographer and prefer just getting on with it, then we'll leave you alone. Alternatively, we can take you through the technical, creative and practical elements of nature photography to help you get the most from your time with us. During many of our photo tours and workshops, we deliver evening slideshows and/or short tutorials which will help your photography develop.


There's no getting away from it, photographing in some pretty wild places sometimes requires a long walk, getting wet and/or cold or spending lengthy periods in hides. That said, not all of our tours require you to be Indiana Jones and we have indicated for each tour, the degree of physical fitness required. If you're in any doubt about the suitability of any of our photo tours, just contact us.


We take our responsibility as a tour operator very seriously and are conscious of our impact on the environment. Not only do we strive to minimize this in a variety of ways, we donate a proportion of our income to a select number of conservation and rewilding initiatives.


We won’t bore you with the niceties of Package Travel Regulations but you should just know that your advance payments are held in Trust until you’re safely back home and we’ve provided what we said we would provide. It’s not just the law, it’s a matter of common courtesy.


It is a condition of booking that you accept the hazards involved in visiting remote areas and engaging in potentially dangerous activities. To take part in one of our tours or workshops, you must be covered by adequate insurance for the duration of the trip and for the activities undertaken. The insurance must cover for cancellation and curtailment, medical and emergency expenses (including repatriation), personal accident, injury and death. In addition you should be insured against loss of / damage to baggage, personal possessions and flight cancellations/delays.