Sitting on the northwestern edge of Europe, Scotland is a land of contrast and contradictions. An elemental place: wild and gentle, kind but unforgiving, familiar yet unknown. Scoured and nurtured by Atlantic winds, it is a land rich in nature but with a turbulent past that has shaped its wild places like few other countries. It wasn’t so long ago that vibrant forest stretched its fingers across much of the Highlands. Beavers and cranes found sanctuary in extensive wetlands; lynx, wolf and wild boar stalked the forest glades. The Scotland of today is indeed a special place but an ecological shadow of its former self.
Scotland is a challenging place for the nature photographer. For 20 years changeable weather, fickle light and wildlife that instinctively avoids human encounter, have been my lot but despite the frustrations, the wild places of the north have a hold on me, a hold that won’t let go.
The Big Picture is a photographic journey driven by a deep personal conviction that Scotland’s wildness, though undoubtedly spectacular, is falling short of its potential. Over time I will do my very best to showcase Scotland’s natural riches but more importantly, I hope to fuel a conversation which envisages a wilder Scotland with More. More forest. More bogs. More eagles. More whales. More Nature. More Life.
The Big Picture story starts here and the journey is both daunting and exciting in equal measure. I hope that you might come along and enjoy the ride.
We’re planning a book of course, a really lovely book; two or three even. We’re working on films and an innovative multimedia talky tour. But more than anything, I hope to help frame a strong case for more people to consider the possibilities within a wilder Scotland, a Scotland which has The Big Picture in its sights.