Northshots … images from NatureAn eventful week.

August 30 2009
Firstly I must congratulate the organisers of the birdfair at Rutland and thank all those I bumped into for making this a very enjoyable event. I’d also thank those who commented favourably on this embryonic blog and especially the ‘Swavesey Crew’ who suggested it should be re-named “Pete’s Ranty Page”, presumably in anticipation of future postings? I’ll do my best.
And so to Finland for an appointment with fishing ospreys. But before I post a few of the results, I’d like to relate a once-in-a-lifetime event. I travelled with colleagues Mark Sisson and Danny Green (there needed to be witnesses to this story) and whilst sipping tea and addressing the woes of the world one evening, an unfamiliar shape appeared on the track in front of us. Falling silent we tried to avoid the temptation to conclude that 30 metres away, stood a wild lynx. But there was no escaping the fact that one of Europe’s most elusive predators had sauntered past us without a care in the world.
The image below is a captive animal to give this post context but the real thing is damned impressive. Given that we were sat in the car park of a fish farm and that the lynx headed off over the crazy golf course, any notion of these animals needing wilderness, was quickly dispelled.