Who we are


Picture of Peter Cairns

Peter Cairns (Director)

Pete has spent the last 17 years putting Northshots guests in front of stunning landscapes and enthralling wildlife. Behind the scenes he has been responsible for steering the company to being one of the most trusted and respected in the business. A passionate conservationist and communicator, he now spends much of his time photographing and filming in the Scottish Highlands for SCOTLAND: The Big Picture, a multimedia initiative amplifying the case for a wilder Scotland. 

Picture of Amanda Flanagan

Amanda Flanagan (Director)

Amanda is the oil in the Northshots engine, the administrative bedrock that every business needs. Chances are that Amanda will answer the phone when you call our office and will answer your questions on pretty much everything. Except photography – she knows nothing about photography! A practical girl, when not at her desk she can be found changing a light bulb or cleaning out our hens.

Picture of Emma Brown

Emma Brown (Marketing Manager)

From a background in wildlife tourism and marketing, Emma fixes our computers when they don’t work, puts our promotional material together and advises the rest of us on the more challenging aspects of Facebook and Twitter. She lives on the Moray coast with husband Chris and new baby Harris.

Picture of James Shooter

James Shooter (Hide Manager / Guide)

James is an established photographer and filmmaker with a passion for conservation communication. He has spent several years at Northshots developing an acute knowledge of Scottish wildlife and has led tours both in Scotland and overseas. A personable and engaging character, James will ensure you get the very best from your time spent with us. 

Picture of Niall Benvie

Niall Benvie (Guide)

Niall has guided tours and taught workshops during much of his 23-year career as a professional outdoor photographer and writer. Over that time, he's retained the capacity to remember what it's like to learn things for the first time, and finds new ways to explain them. He's known as an innovator in his field and doesn't hold back when it comes to sharing his knowledge, experience and ideas. As a photographer working for a wide range of clients, he's learned to make strong images regardless of the conditions.

Picture of Charlotte Benvie

Charlotte Benvie (House Party Host / Guide)

Charlotte has extensive experience of looking after and catering for groups, from school children to race-goers. And she's no mean photographer either. She helps to keep things running smoothly in the field, as well as cooking to a very high standard (she was in series 8 of Masterchef) for our house party tours. Charlotte grew up in a family where being out in nature was the norm so she's just as comfortable on a storm-lashed beach as she is in her kitchen where she makes award-winning chocolates.

Picture of Terry Whittaker

Terry Whittaker (Guide)

Terry is a widely-published photographer specialising in wildlife conservation with a particular interest in the relationship between people and wild animals. Past projects include critically endangered primates in Vietnam, the wildlife trade in Asia and hunter-gatherer people in Paraguay. More recently he has been photographing efforts to save the water vole in the UK. It's also fair to say he's a thoroughly decent bloke.

Picture of Mark Hamblin

Mark Hamblin (Guide)

Mark has 20 years experience as a freelance nature photographer and has been leading photo tours at home and abroad since 1997. His principal photographic focus is on Scotland’s wildlife and wild places, spending his time on longer terms projects close to home in the Cairngorms National Park. Mark is a founding director of the Wild Media Foundation and is currently working on SCOTLAND: The Big Picture.

Picture of Claire Carter

Claire Carter (Guide)

Claire is a full-time photographer with over 30 years of teaching experience. Landscape photography is the genre that lights her fire and she has had her work recognized in major competitions. Leading tours enables her to use both her photography and teaching expertise and she gets personal highs from both. Claire is keen to help you learn to “think” and will share her plans for the shoot ahead, looking at maps, apps and weather.

Picture of Alex Hyde

Alex Hyde (Guide)

Often working with moving creatures smaller than a grain of rice, Alex has established himself as an expert in macro photography. By understanding the behaviour of his subjects, he is able to capture intimate portraits of spiders, insects and other invertebrates in their natural habitats. An experienced tutor, Alex regularly delivers workshops and seminars on macro photography and has taught at venues such as the University of Nottingham and the Wild Photos photography festival in London. In 2015 Alex won the Hidden Britain category in the British Wildlife Photography Awards.

Picture of Neil Wakeling

Neil Wakeling (Digital Guru)

Rarely seen or heard and something of a Mystery Man, Neil spends his time down in the digital dungeon stoking up the boiler that keeps our humble website on the road. He must enjoy it because he's kept us online for over a decade.