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Peter Cairns
Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Autumn is a frantic time. Rather than bathing in the splendour of a sensory seasonal overload, I find myself always wanting to be where I’m not. Acutely aware of the susceptibility of Scotland’s fickle autumn colour to frost, wind and in some years even snow, I imagine that no matter how spectacular a scene I’m photographing, there is another which is even better and I should be there photographing it before it withers and dies. 

This year was a special year in Scotland. Settled weather throughout the core autumn period allowed me to relax just a tad more than I ordinarily would, and cover a wide variety of autumn scenes – some tiny, some expansive. Our Cairngorms Colour and Glen Affric Intensive photo tours were timed perfectly and our guests enjoyed not only wonderful autumn scenes but also uncharacteristically warm and comfortable weather.




We got creative under overcast skies and thought big when the sun put in an appearance. It’s all about shooting with the conditions; putting aside preconceptions and making the most of what is in front of you. Next year our annual autumn photographic celebration has been tweaked – it often is. Caledonia Colour focuses on the great forests of the Cairngorms and further north in Torridon. These are exciting locations offering exciting opportunities and along with James Shooter, I’ll be guiding according to the Northshots core principle: Serious Photography. Serious Fun. If you’re serious about either or preferably both, please do join us.

Details of Caledonia Colour here.

We return to Glen Affric in 2017 – details here.





 Images: Peter Cairns

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